Friday, January 29, 2016

From sea to shining sea, July 2014 to January 2016

My mother, Claire, age 20, shortly before she married my father, Paul

During my brief trip to California in June 2014, my mother, Claire Yvonne Kendall, became ill, and tragically and unexpectedly died exactly one month later. In the midst of it all, I was writing Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends due that August.

It has been bittersweet not to be able to enjoy the fruits of success with my mother. But, through it all, she has been with me in spirit, helping me from Heaven, as she promised she would!  

The book tour teed off in Pinehurst, North Carolina, home of American Golf, on April 13, 2015. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of travel, summarized on my website at A Chronicle of Events along the book tour... 

The author signing copies of "Oasis" at the Barnes & Noble in Burbank, CA
on July 15, 2015, the first anniversary of my mother's death.

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